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Your home is your largest asset. Keep it well managed with Keepingly, a revolutionary new way to maintain and manage your home.

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At Keepingly, we understand the weight of juggling homeownership responsibilities.

Owning a home isn't just about holding keys; it's a journey filled with emotions, aspirations, and sometimes, overwhelming tasks. At the heart of it, there's a desire to create a home, but the weight of managing finances, upkeep, and maximizing property value can cloud that dream. It's not just about having a roof over your head but about managing every detail, document, and decision that turns that house into a home.

Homeownership sustainability is our top priority

We recognize the intricate challenges of homeownership and the stress it can bring. That's why we're dedicated to simplifying the process, offering tools and guidance every step of the way, ensuring you're not just owning a home, but truly thriving in it..

Upload documents

Closing documents pre uploaded to the platform. Users continue to upload documents monthly.

Save your agent's contact info

Keepingly helps extend the Agent-homeowner relationship.

Maintenance Checklists

Checklists serve as a reminder of what to do and the best time to do it. 


Emails and push notifications encourage users to perform regular maintenance and upload necessary documents.


When it's time to sell, Keepingly aggregates all of the uploaded documents to help the user create an evidence-based valuation of the home.


These and other resources help homeowners understand the importance of maintenance and how it affects the value of their home.

Managing your home can be overwhelming. From bills to paperwork, it's easy to lose track. But with Keepingly, you can centralize all your home management needs. Never misplace a bill or an important document ever again. Maintenance is crucial and neglect can lead to a bigger problem that impacts your home's value.

— Amy McCoy (Realtor)

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Keepwize with Keepingly

Keepwize provides current and future homeowners with the education and tools to be wise about managing, maintaining, and growing their greatest asset - Their home.